Get paid faster and focus on your business

Invoice Hero helps you get invoices paid sooner and recover more payments.

Get paid sooner and focus on your business

Invoice Hero helps you get invoices paid sooner and recover more payments.

"This cut my workload down from five hours a day to one hour. Hell yes."

Isabella B

Freelance Finance Manager

Sick of spending hours chasing invoices?

When payments are coming more slowly than you'd like, Invoice Hero will help you collect invoices up to 90% more quickly.

Get Paid Faster

Get paid 16 days faster on average, boosting cashflow by £6,100 per £100k turnover.

Delight Your Clients

No more annoying automated emails or stressed out calls from the finance team.

Save Time and Money

Spend 90% less time chasing invoices

What You Get with Invoice Hero

Who knew invoice chasing could be this good?

A delightful dashboard

All your late-paying clients in one place. Know exactly how much is past due, by how long, and how much it's costing now.

email your late paying clients

Send personalised emails with a click

Choose from several personalised email templates to send to late-paying clients. Fire them off with the touch of a button.

Click to call

Prefer a more personal touch? Just tap a button in your dashboard to immediately call your late-payer. Works great when you're on the go.

Actionable Reporting

You'll get a custom report every month detailing exactly which clients are paying and which aren't.

Easy Escalation

If necessary, we will escalate things seamlessly to our trusted network of collections agencies; or if you'd prefer, we can help you initiate legal proceedings.

Seamless and Secure Connection to Xero

connect to xero

As a fully integrated Xero app, Invoice Hero securely connects to your data automatically every time you log in. Its Automagic!

One click integration

Connect Invoice Hero to your Xero account safely and securely with just one click.

Automatic Sync

All your customer and invoice data is pulled through to Invoice Hero automatically.

Start saving time and money today

We'll save you an average of 7.6 hours a week. Take one workday back or take a day off!